In case you’re searching for effective and flexible, the Cuisinart Elite Food Processor FP-14DC 14-Cup Food Processor is worth a genuine thought. Its huge limit and 1,000 Watt engine makes it amazing for a wide assortment of cooking assignments in your home kitchen.

While it’s unquestionably one of the higher valued models available, the expense is advocated by every one of the dishes, bowls, blades, discs and additional items that are incorporated.While it’s unquestionably one of the higher valued models available, the expense is advocated by every one of the dishes, bowls, blades, discs and additional items that are incorporated.

Like many food processors, it does have a few disadvantages – however are the protests as a result of inexperienced and disgraceful use, or on account of real outline blemishes? We’ve done the exploration to sort the invalid from the honest to goodness so you’ll have every one of the points of interest to help you choose whether Cuisinart Elite Food Processor FP-14DC is the best nourishment processor for you.

The Looks

The Cuisinart Elite Food Processor (FP-14DC) looks exceptionally smooth contrasted with different models accessible in the business sector. The machine is effective, tranquil and proficient, making occupations like blending, slashing and cutting a snap.

This durable, effective food processor is appealingly designed so it looks pleasant sitting out in your kitchen – which is something worth being thankful for on the grounds that this is a major machine for challenging tasks. Know that it has a lot of weight, more than 23 pounds. That may make it harder for you to move all through cupboards, but on the other hand it’s what keeps it from vibrating around on the counter amid use. Likewise take note of the measurements. This food processor has an entirely huge impression, so it isn’t for anybody with extremely restricted space.

The retractable cord framework keeps the cord is not covered up when not being used, and you can haul out just as much cord as you need. To avoid conceivable harm, Cuisinart even denoted the end of the cord (the end at the base unit) with red tape so you’ll know when to quit pulling.


  • 14-Cup Work Bowl
  • 1000 Watt MotorCuisinart Elite Food Processor Reviews FP-14DC
  • Touchpad controls and a mixture speed setting
  • Settling 11-Cup and 4.5-Cup work bowls
  • Expansive and Small Pushers
  • Incomparable Wide-Mouth Feed Tube
  • Work Bowl Cover with Extra Large Feed Tube
  • Expansive and Small Pushers for Feed Tube
  • Expansive Chopping/Mixing Blade, Small Chopping/Mixing Blade, and Dough sharp edge
  • Movable Slicing Disk (6 settings from 1mm to 6mm thickness)
  • All parts aside from based dish washer safe
  • Reversible Shredding Disk for fine or medium destroying
  • FrillStorage Case, Spatula, and Instruction/Recipe Book Included
  • Retractable cord
  • 20-year Motor Warranty; Limited 3-year Warranty on Unit

With regards to its capacity to suit substantial employments, the cover assembly  has an additional extensive feed chute – the protected Cuisinart Supreme Wide-Mouth® feed tube. Both an expansive pusher and a little pusher are incorporated to oblige nourishments of various sizes, from entire potatoes to little mushrooms. Like other Cuisinart Elite Food Processor models with a comparative cover gathering, the little pusher has a sprinkle opening for including oil or other little measures of fluid amid handling.

The Seal Tight® cover is intended to fit cozily to forestall spillage when utilizing any of the 3 work dishes, and it has a gasket to give you a tight seal when handling extremely fluid sustenance’s.

In the event that you aren’t new to these machines, possibly you’re acquainted with the dish cloth trap for handling fluids. You know where you put your fluid in, put the top on, wrap a major dish cloth around the dish and top, and after that attempt to hold the top down and keep the cloth set up while you work the machine, at the same time. Well here’s some uplifting news.

The elastic seal on the top of the Cuisinart Elite Food Processor FP-14DC will save all of you that. On the off chance that you do encounter spillage, in all likelihood you don’t have the cover situated immovably on the work dish and simply need to get both front and back safely secured.

All parts are dishwasher safe. Obviously that avoids the base unit that accommodates the motor, yet the touch pad control board makes it simple to wipe clean.

Things included in the box

  • 14-Cup Work Bowl
  • Additional Wide Feed Chute
  • Settling 11-Cup and 4.5-Cup work bowls
  • Work Bowl Cover with Extra Large Feed Tube
  • Substantial and Small Pushers for Feed Chute
  • Substantial and Small Pushers for Feed Tube
  • Batter Blade
  • 2 Chopping/Mixing Blades, substantial and little
  • Flexible Slicing Disk (6 thickness settings: 1mm to 6mm)
  • Reversible Shredding Disk (pick fine or medium)
  • Capacity Case with wellbeing lock (holds all sharp edges and circles and the stem connector)
  • Guideline/Recipe Book, How-to DVD, and Spatula
  • Cleaning Tool

Cuisinart Elite Food Processor Review  14 Cup FP-14DC Demo Video

Additional accessories

With so much already included with the principle unit, you won’t discover a great deal of accomplices to purchase. In any case, there are two special discs accessible that may intrigue you:

French fry Disc – This one is for potatoes yet can likewise be utilized on an assortment of different foods grown from the ground. It produces bigger strips yet at the same time not immense. That is, don’t anticipate making steak fries. Anticipate that something nearer to the French fries you get at fast food eateries

Julienne Disc – It can be utilized with carrots, potatoes, firm foods grown from the ground coconut to deliver square strips that are 3-by-3 millimeter in size.


  • Quick and to a great degree powerful yet sensibly peaceful.
  • Incorporates 3 work dishes to suit any size occupation.
  • Incorporates a larger number of sharp blades and discs than most units (spares you the additional expense of purchasing extra plates for regular employments)
  • Decent capacity highlights with retractable cord and adornment box for parts.
  • Additional expansive food chute.
  • Two pushers forexpansiveor little sustenance are in food tube.
  • Pour gush on work bowl and bolting edges for simple purging of substance.
  • Little pusher has sprinkle opening.


  • Weight could be a disadvantage if put away in bureau after each utilization.
  • Substantial size not appropriate for little kitchens.
  • Expense of new parts is unnecessary or expensive.
  • Seal on top can be hard to clean.

With everything taken into account, the Cuisinart Elite Food Processor FP-14DC offers a decent numerous elements at the cost. In a 2013 survey it was the top decision of America’s Test Kitchen. It lacks the dazzling attachments and secondary abilities, such as variable slicing thickness, offered by the other two processors, but it performs basic chopping and slicing tasks extremely well, and you can change slicing thickness by buying extra discs.